We are pleased to introduce you to Tyber Katz. Tyber Katz is most famous for museum quality skillfully made wooden art dolls, produced in small, signed & numbered limited editions by artists, Peter & Patricia Tyber. These beautiful, and sensitive dolls have become cherished heirlooms and found a niche among cat lovers and doll collectors worldwide.
As well as being a perennial favorite in art galleries & boutiques across the U.S. & abroad, Tyber Katz received the 1990 Niche Award for Excellence in American Crafts. They have been featured in `Country Living', `Cat Fancy', `Collectors Showcase', and `Dolls', `Country Folk Art', and `Pocketbook on Cat', a Japanese magazine. `Catmopolitan', the 1988 bestseller parody by Ilene Hochberg showcased a Les Chats Tyber Family and `The Santa Doll Book' in 1991 by Ann Bahar featured the Tyber's sold out edition of Father Kristmas & The Santa Klaws Kat from the Fat Kat Collection. `Cat Collectibles' by Pauline Flick, Quintet Publishers 1993, London, England featured Fat Kat & a Prairie Group as highly collectible museum pieces. `Storybook Dolls' by Ann Bahar will include Puss N' Boots and the new edtion The Cat & the Fiddle.
In 1998 Enesco Corp. introduced a line of finely sculptured felines carved by Peter Tyber, Limited to one year of production (1998)called "TYBER CATS".
In 1999 United Design introduces three new Tyber Katz Lines of Cat Collectibles: "TALLTAILZ"; "GRINSKI BOXES "and "TEAPOT CATZ". All of these editions are now sold out.

In 2000 Peter started a line of whimsical Asian Garden Sculptures, "Peaceful Pets" that includes Fat Cat Buddhas, Pug Buddhas, and Lucky Maneki Neko Cats (to name a few), that have become instant favorites with Cat and Pug Lovers.

How Tyber Katz Began:

Sculpting & carving in a wide variety of mediums had always been an exciting & enjoyable adventure for Peter Tyber. He had a natural talent for it that was always encouraged form an early age. Pat likewise had excelled in drawing and painting & by the time they met they had already developed their own unique but complimentary styles.At that time Peter sculpted unusual abstract sculptures & Pat painted big & bold abstracts. In 1983 Peter was carving wooden bird sculptures & Pat was taking commissions for cat portraits. Pat suggested that Peter try carving a wooden cat head & paws for a doll, as a Christmas present for a niece or nephew. Pat painted the parts and sewed up a muslin body for it, stuffed it, made some overalls & shirt for him & they both became so attached to him they couldn't possibly give him away. A year later they made up eight to sell and found that the public also found them irresistible, the Katz were in demand & the rest, as they say, is history.

A List of Editions Handmade by Tyber Katz
From 1983-2003 All dolls were hand signed with a date and numbered on the base of the neck.
Here are links to
Pricelist 1 for Pricelist 2 some Pricelist 3 of the editions. Slide show of Tyber Katz Below:

Kountry Katz Edition of 250 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Prairie Katz Edition of 350 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Kountry Kittenz Edition of 250 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Prairie Kittenz Edition of 150 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Newborn Kittenz Wooden Edition of 160 Dolls Size 6 1/2" Tall
Vintage Sleeper Kittenz with Twig Cradle & Handstitched Quilt
Edition of 30 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Father Kristmas Edition of 50 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Mother Kristmas Edition of 13 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Kitten Elves Edition of 9 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Kittenz with Mittens Edition of 3 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Puss N Boots Edition of 50 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Tubby Tot Kittenz Edition of 50 Dolls Size 11" Tall
Golfer Katz
Edition of 35 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Angel Kat Edition of 5 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Little Wingz Angel Kitten Edition of 5 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Les Chats Tyber French Fashion Edition of 300 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Jazz Trio Edition of 20 (3 Trios) Dolls Size 14-15-16" Tall
Gibson Girls Edition of 100 (10) Dolls Size 16" Tall
Cat & the Fiddle Edition of 20 (2) Dolls Size 16" Tall
Pied Piper Edition of 5 (1) Dolls Size 16" Tall
Katnip Kittenz:
Editions of 50 Dolls
Size 10" Tall

Fat Kat Series
Original Fat Kat
with Sweater & Tyber Chair
Edition of 50 Dolls Size 20" Tall
Vakation Kat
Edition of 20 (6) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Santa Klaws Edition of 20 (9) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Fishin' Kat
Edition of 20 (13) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Golfin' Kat
Edition of 20 (4) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Chef Kat
Edition of 20 (5) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Kowboy Kat
Edition of 20 (2) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Fat Kat Family
Edition of 11 (2 Families) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Mr. Biz
Edition of 20 (2) Dolls Size 20" Tall
Bag Lady Kat
Edition of 6 Dolls Size 20" Tall
Fat Kat II
Edition of 50 Dolls Size 17" Tall

King Kat
Edition of 1 Doll Size 16" Tall
Sailor Kittenz
Edition of 10 (8) Dolls Size 10" Tall
Mammy & Chilluns
Black Country Cats Edition of 17 Dolls Sizes 10-16" Tall
Edition of 22 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Camp Purr
Edition of 10 (3) Dolls Size 10" Tall

Tybearz Tyber Wooden Teddy Bear
Edition of 50 (12) Size 10" Tall
Tyber Fish Adult Dolls
Edition of 11 Dolls Size 16" Tall
Tyber Fish Fry Dolls Edition of 7 Dolls Size 10" Tall
Tyber Koyote (Coyote) Edition of 50 (2) Dolls Size 16" Tall