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A beautiful digital ebook with a captivating story written by the artists/creators of the collectible Tyber Katz cat dolls. It features the musings of one Maxwell Bernstein the Cat. Max dreams most eloquently of his past and his future.

This ebook is optimized for Computer and IPAD/Tablet enjoyment featuring very large photos for zoom. See all the intricate fine art details that made these dolls the ultimate cat collectible.

Maxwell ‘s  Dream

by P.L. Tyber 



Tyber Katz Fat Kat Dolls were produced by award winning American 
Artists, Peter and Patricia Tyber in the years 1991-1998.  
They were offered in very small limited editions. Each doll was entirely hand carved, and hand painted with Lindenwood head and feet, soft stuffed muslin bodies, and real or horsehair whiskers.
Their average height was 20” tall. Accessories 
and clothing were all painstakingly made by hand. 
They were featured in numerous collectible books and periodicals.
This little story weaves the Katz into an ailurophile’s dream.

More historical information can be found on Tyber Katz  Website Here


Max sat up and looked around. Nothing had changed since he had started his morning nap. He
had the house all to himself. His people were off doing people sort of and school. He
licked his paw and swiped it gently over his left ear a couple of times. He yawned ever so widely then
stood up arched his back, made a circle around his spot, then plunked down again in the same
position on the lounge.The morning sun streamed into the room. Max was warm and content. He
rolled over on his back and slipped back into his dream. A dream he was lucky enough to pick up on
right where he left off.

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